Refund Policy

Order cancellation and refund policy:
1. Cancel cancellation:
• Orders may be canceled before they are confirmed by the store or restaurant.
• After confirming the order, the order can be canceled in this case, and the details are handled according to the cancellation request.
2. Cancel cancellation:
• There may be detailed fees that will certainly be applied by the store or restaurant. These points must be clearly stated.
3. Cancellation by store or restaurant
• Refer to the store or cancel the order if the products or services are not available, with immediate notice of objection if possible.
4. Purchase refund:
• In the event of a race being canceled or canceled by the store or restaurant, the customer will be fully refunded the amount paid.

5. Partial refund:
• There may be partial refunds to the customer in case the order is canceled based on the evaluation of the situation.
6. Order modifications:
• Orders are allowed to be modified before they are confirmed by the store or restaurant, and it must be explained how to modify them.
7. Cancellation notices:
• Immediate notification must be sent to the customer if the order is cancelled, explaining the reasons