Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions of the application program:
1. Qualification:
• Application program participants must be eligible and meet specified qualification requirements, in accordance with approved policies.
2. Compliance with laws and regulations:
• Participants are obligated to comply with all laws and regulations relating to trade and business in the region in which they participate.
3. Integrity and ethical behavior:
• Participants must adhere to standards of integrity and ethical behavior in all operations and interactions with customers and partners.
4. Intellectual property rights:
• Participants must not infringe the Company's intellectual property rights and adhere to content usage policies.
5. Confidentiality and security:
• Participants are committed to keeping confidential information and customer data strictly confidential and taking the necessary security measures.6. Commitment period:
• Participants must adhere to the terms of the subscription for a specified period of time, and upon sufficient or termination status, must subscribe to the agreement any specified list.
7. Modifications to Terms:
• The company reserves the right to amend the terms of the program and the nominated participants must periodically.
8. Termination and suspension:
• Work to choose the option to choose membership for any participant in activating the conditions or involving him in dealing with non-people.
9. Reporting and monitoring:
• Participants must submit periodic reports and agree to wait by the program and abide by the conditions.
Please customize the terms and conditions including entry with the specifics of your application program, and confirm that participants understand them before participating.